Digital by Design has been exclusively photographing jewellery since 2002.  Our expertise in this area has made us a recognizable provider of professional jewellery photography for all levels of jewellers and industry professionals.  We pride ourselves in our ability to capture the intricate details, colours and brilliance within the jewellery allowing the jeweller to best present their creations in print or on the web.

Our services also include professional photo editing.  This allows us to take amateur photos and digitally retouch them to make them stunning!  We can change colours, stones, reflections and lighting.  If you have an existing jewellery photo that is in focus but just doesn’t capture the brilliance of the piece,  just give it to us and we’ll make it gorgeous.

In addition to providing jewellery photography services, we have also been asked to teach courses on jewellery photography.

Please click Here for to read about our recent trip to Canadian Arctic College to teach photography to Inuit jewellery art students.